Panchakarma and you

Rasayan and Vajikarn Treatment

Rasayana Therapy of Ayurveda essentially refers to the process of tissue nourishment and rejuvenation. The Rasayana effect retards ageing and prolongs life. The Rasayana remedies eneompass a range of drug, diet and life style interventions which promote metritional status of the body and cultiminate into formation of good qualities of Dhatus.

Such and effect can not succeed unless the channels of the body are c lean and hence Panchakarma therapy is an essential component of Rasayana therapy. Different rasayanas ait in the body through following mechanism:


Action at the level of Action at the level of Action at the level of
Of Rasa (Plasma) by
Adding directly to nutrient Value
Of agni (Digestion and metabolism) Of srotas (Micro circulation and tissue perfercion)

Improved Nourishment of Tissues
Labhoparp Hi Sastanam Rasadinam Rasayamam

Retard Aging & Mental Immunity against Disease (Infection, Stress) Improved Vitality & complesion Improved faculties

There is one special Rasayana named Achara Rasayana, i.e. wholesome conduct life style and behavior such as Sadvritta, Yama, Niyama etc.

Vajikarana are the substances which have a marked action on several sphere and organs.Thus for the complete result of Rasayana and Vajikaran are achieved only after the Panchakarma treatment is done.

The full Panchakarma therapy followed by appropriate Rasaya karma undertaken for the purpose of Vayah Sthapana or rejuvenation is called Kayakarlpa. Such an intensive Rasayana therapy was called Kuipraveshika Rasayana in classical ages as describved by the samhitas of Ayurveda.

To maintain the Health

One of the basic principles of Ayurveda is to maintain the healthy person and to cure the disease. Panchakarma helps to maintain the health mainly by following the dincharya and ritucharya i.e. the daily regimen and the seasonal regimen.

Panchakarma and Chronic Diseases

Ayurvedic treatment has been classified in various ways. One of the classifications is shodhan and shaman. Shodhan chikitsa includes complete elimination of vitaled Doshas and shaman chikitsa pacifies the Doshas. As the vitiated soshas are completely eliminated from the body, prior to shaman chikitsa the disease is completely cured and the chances of recurrence of the disease are very remote. The shodhan chikitsa is done with the aid of Panchakarma.

Beauty and Panchakarma

Panchakarma and some allied karmas are of great value in maintainence and the improvement of one's beauty as it is said that beauty is skin deep. Panchakarma removes the deepseated toxins away resulting in healthy and glorified skin as well as personality.

  1. Good complesion – Abhayanga helps to achieve good complexion by improving the blood circulation and also by doing Vata prashamana (skin is one of the site of vata dosha and vitiated vata dosha creats dryness and blackisness of the skin.
  2. Hair: shiro Abhyanga. Shirodhara, shirobasti and nasya helps in stopping the hair fall, graying of hair and thus improves the quality of hair.
  3. Eyes: netra –tar\pan (filling medicated oil/ghee over the eyes for a certain period) helps in achieving proper vision and helps in providing nourishment to the eye musceles as well as increases the glow and clarity of eyes.
  4. Attractive personality: Proper tone and shape can be achieved the help of abhayanga. Regular abhayanga medicated oils helps in increasing the weight of those who are too thin. Swedana process of Pancharma helps in reduction of weight.
  5. Feet: Regular Pada abhayanga helps in proper sleepand relieves cracked sole.

Stress and Panchakarma

Stress has become an inseparable factor of the modern world. The reason of stress may vary from person to person like stress due to family problems, financial, health, social problems etc. Stress leads to various health problems like diseases of gastrointestinal trait, insomnia, graying of hair fall, hampering the quality of skin complexion etx. Panchakarma along with some allied kamas like meditaion , pranayama, yogasanas. Is of definite use is resolving the stress –induced problems.